@Mumshad Mannambeth Thanks for creating such a set of nice courses which not onl . . .

@Mumshad Mannambeth Thanks for creating such a set of nice courses which not only helping in achieving the certification but it really develop an interest in the technology. This is no doubt that these are the best courses than others in the market. Thanking again for the course which helped me a lot to earn my CKAD & CKA certification. Also thanks to @Rahul Soni @SHANKAR NAG MACHIRAJU @Kratik Jain @David @Naveen Sriram @Manasi and everyone in this group for helping out in resolving the queries.

@Mumshad Mannambeth I do really appreciate the thought process behind creating each individual lecture. Each lecture is created from the ground-zero (or minus-1). All other courses who adds ‘zero to hero’ is just for a marketing term, however, your course makes ‘zero to hero’ in practical. Thanks!!

some tips for the aspirants:-
– well, go through the course & the respective practice lab at the same time at the end of each lecture. First, I thought to complete all the lectures first and then the practice tests but I was wrong; then again, i started doing the lectures followed by the practice tests. This way the concept is concreted in your mind. Otherwise it will flew off till the time you do the practice test.

– next, every aspirant think in an infinite loop that “Am I ready for the exam?”. so, here is the answer; The answer is that when you understand the concepts & co-relate them with each other (example: pv,pvc,pod,rs & deploy- what order to create, what happen if delete anything in-between, etc…), I mean there should not be questions in your mind for any solution like why this is done and why that PLUS if you are able to do the practice tests + Lightning labs + mock test without any help (k8s docs are fine but try to use it minimal, only for the things which cannot be created in an imperative way.)

– try to read the channel’s queries regularly if possible, where other mates are posting thier doubts and queries; This will add up the scenarios which you can gain from other’s experience. try to answer the queries (search on k8s docs) if you can. Trust me, it will shoot up your knowledge & confidence.

– in the troubleshooting questions (or most of the labs), do not look for answers just for the sake of completing the lab. try to do it at your own (search your own on K8s docs, try multiple times if possible). if you try it at your own and even not able to figure it out, don’t worry, you already gained to note out those scenarios which you tried. may be anyone of those come in exam.

– while going through the course if you are not able to clear any concept or point, then note it out, and re-visit it at a later stage. trust me this helps.

– now from exam point of view, create you strategy in advance like which aliases, which bookmarks, the place, the time of exam. These are also the important aspects. Use these strategies like approaching a question, aliases & the bookmarks while doing your mock tests & LL (lighting labs).

– “The exam is simple if your approach is hard”. I mean, just a hard tip is that do not become stubborn to solve a question if you are not able to do it. do alight from your ego. You might not get a gold-medal if you solve this question BUT I am sure you will achieve the certification if you leave it and solve all others.

– exam version is 1.18 as of now, so plan accordingly. well, most of the labs are already upgraded to 1.18 so prepare yourself for 1.18 imperative way too.

–do not use a lot of aliases which make you rethink at the terminal that what is my alias for this command. i just used the below:-
source <(kubectl completion bash) >> ~/.bashrc
alias k=kubectl >> ~/.bashrc
complete -F __start_kubectl k >> ~/.bashrc
export do=’ --dry-run=client -o yaml ’ >> ~/.bashrc
echo ‘set nu ts=2 sw=2 expandtab ruler’ >> ~/.vimrc

At the last but not the least, I am still connected with this channel & try to resolve the queries as much as I can. Ping me for any queries regarding CKA/CKAD. (EXCEPT THE EXAM QUESTIONS)

PS: These are just my thoughts based upon my experience and might not be suitable for everyone. You are free to choose your own path & your actions.

Rahul Soni:
Congratulations raghu :partying_face:

Congratulations! :slightly_smiling_face:

Congratulations @raghu

Congrates @raghu. I also just completed my exam 10 minutes ago. It is really a fun journey.

Thanks @Rahul Soni @Manasi @SHANKAR NAG MACHIRAJU @David

Mumshad Mannambeth:
Thanks Raghu for the valuable feedback. Made my day. :slightly_smiling_face: Congratulations!!! We are very happy to be part of this journey. :clap: