@Mumshad Mannambeth I was giving mock exam 2 in which there is a question for mu . . .

Tarun Pable:
@Mumshad Mannambeth I was giving mock exam 2 in which there is a question for multicontainer pod

The command that is asked for is sleep 4800 in one of the 2 containers

What I did was add it in below format

command: ["/bin/sh", "-c"]
- sleep 4800

This works fine… but the command that is used for checking… checks if -c is in args section instead of command…

Can we expect similar behaviour in CKAD?

Basavraj Nilkanthe:
@Tarun Pable This questions expect command in specific format like command: [“sleep”,“4800”] in yaml file and ideally it should work when we pass it in kubectl run busybox --image=busybox – /bin/sh -c ‘sleep 4800’ but some how this question validation is failing but container is up and running…

Basavraj Nilkanthe:
I personally feel this should not be reason as long container is running after passing command and if it is working as expected then should be considered as valid scenario

Tarun Pable:
Ok… I’m just worried for losing marks due to such silly things

Tarun Pable:

Basavraj Nilkanthe:
Yes I am also faced same issue but after practicing it again with different approach. It works

Mohamed Ayman:
You have to use this format command: ["/bin/sh", "-c", "sleep 4800"] to pass the lab validation but your approach is also correct.

Mohamed Ayman:
Check this:

apiVersion: v1
kind: Pod
    run: multi-pod
  name: multi-pod
  - image: nginx
    name: jupiter
    - name: type
      value: planet
  - image: busybox
    name: europa
    command: ["/bin/sh", "-c", "sleep 4800"]
    - name: type
      value: moon

Hello, @Tarun Pable
I think in the question, there is no word to use “args” field.