MockTest1 issues connection and questions


I tried the troubleshooting guide and also send an email regarding my problem, but no reply.
Sorry using the forum, this is my last resort.

First, every single day when is close to 100 min I got connection closed. I change PC, different internet providers, clean cookies, using chrome, refresh lab, refresh page and so on! What else can I do?

Also, those questions (mocktest1) I copied the kodekloud answer and test again, still gave me wrong answer.
I re-tested using those answer and same thing!



Hi @sampaiofab,
Thanks for highlighting this. We will get this checked.


Hi @Tej-Singh-Rana

Q 20 ask to save the output in routes.txt and in the answer says save the output in route.txt

Also I still have problems with 404…


This still seems to be an issue. Every time I get to question 26, about 45 mins in, the exam connection is lost.

I cannot get thru the mock exam in its entirety with out losing the connection.

Thank you for your assistance.