Mock Exam 1st Question - Ansible

I just want to understand the 1st question in the Mock Examination, This is about the Task “c”

c. Set password d3v3l0p3r for all users under developers group and adm$n$ for users under admins group. Make sure to use Ansible vault to encrypt the passwords, use ~/playbooks/secrets/vault.txt file as vault secret file.

Do we need to keep the Passwords in the file (vault.txt) for both developers and admins?
pass_admin: adm$n$
pass_developers: d3v3l0p3r

and then Do we need to run the following Command?
ansible-vault encrypt_string --vault-id [email protected]/home/thor/playbooks/secrets/vault.txt ‘secret_data’ --name 'pass_admin

That Output is the Output we need to call into the Playbook?

Do we need to encrypt the vault.txt also?

Is there any Guide reference you can suggest

I got it :slight_smile: Thank you…