Missing Dependencies Python Core / win32api

this worked perfectly

This also worked for me

Thanks! This worked for me too. I still don’t understand why my original installation of Python with pywin32 installed through PyCharm didn’t work. Any clues?

What does it mean by Error Medium C

Thank you so much this works perfectly and solved my problem

This video helped me alot!

This works perfectly. I was getting syntax errors in CMD (normal and Admin). I navigated to the path mentioned by you (mine was bit different in the end) and launched CMD without admin priveleges.

It installed the package without any complaints.

Thank you for the help.

yah It worked successfully. I really appreciate.

Thank you this worked for me!

…how to add pip to path in Windows 10?

i tried that and still got this

I had to put
for it to work. Might be a spelling error.

The easiest way to install python, and many other things in Windows like terraform, virtualbox, vagrant etc.etc. is to use Chocolatey.

Search for packages

Then you start a command prompt As Administrator and simply run e.g

choco install -y python3


choco install -y virtualbox