Mariadb task failed

Hello ,
I had installed mariadb correctly and also configured web-config.php , i was able to reach the page of wordpress config correctly, can you check why still my task failed

@spratap did you check in the LBR URL if website was loading ?

HI Inderpreet,
Yes URL was accessible and wordpress was asking for password and other details.

@spratap It should have loaded the website home page, not sure which username password you are mentioning about. Can you please share more details if possible?

HI Inder,

It loaded the home page of wordpress where it asks for email , any username and password then you can click on install wordpress.

the initial wordpress setup page

oh ok, You landed to the default WordPress installation page then. But in this question I think you were given a DB dump which you had to import into your database and once application is connected to that it should have loaded a pre-installed Wordpress website. That’s the reason of failure for your task I believe.

OK Inder,
but i had run the sql and also checked that all the tables were created in the DB.
dont know why pre-installed wordpress site was not created