Looking for study buddy

Hi all,

am looking for a study buddy who can learn with me on a regular basis and being accountable to each other. If anyone is interested ping me

Let me know what are learning and we will see if we can work with each other!

add me too , i am at the edge ,just started doing real world projects, done doing theory

Interested! What time zones are we all in? I’m working on DevOps, Docker, Linux, etc :slight_smile:

I’m interested, i’ve gone through the whole courses time to gain real time experience


We’re gearing up for the next series of study groups focusing on CKA, CKAD, CKS, and KCNA certifications. If you’re looking to obtain any of these certifications within the next 3 months and are enthusiastic about volunteering, sharing resources, and guiding others, please feel free to DM me with your focused certification.

Thank you!

CC: @s.a.ayshamalikh32, @jeff.roszell, @Abinash-Khuntia, @catt.tung, @umegbewe

Hi lakshay ,
I would like to join the study group for CKA

Hi Lakshay,
Has the study group created and started? I would also like to join for CKA certification.


Hey lakshay i also would like to join group as i was focusing on ckad exam

Greetings @hansrajsharma87896, @jayshree.prasad, @hari26subramaniam @jeff.roszell @Abinash-Khuntia @catt.tung @umegbewe ! :star2:

Exciting news: the KodeKloud study group series covering CKA, CKAD, and CKS certifications is now live! Come join us on our Discord Server here to dive into the learning journey together. Looking forward to seeing you there! Thanks a bunch! :rocket:

Hey Lakshay,
I would like to join the study group of CKA.
Please let me know how I can go about it. Thanks.

The study groups are on Discord. Lakshay posted a link to the Discord server above your message - it is the here link in blue - are you unable to join Discord?

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Yes. I did try clicking. It says “unable to accept invite”

Try this link:

I’m interested in acquiring CKA certification. Also, I’m interested in learning devops courses. Please DM me if you are interested.

Hi I want to join as I want to become devOps engineer

is it possible to join the study group now?

Yes all the study groups are open to all, anytime.