Linux User with non-interactive shell Task failed

Hi, I sshed into the server with given credentials and then created user using sudo adduser ravi command and when I finished, I got error saying:- User ravi does not have non-interactive shell on stapp02. Can someone please guide me what am I doing wrong? I am new to linux so I didnt understand the non-interactive shell part so if someone could enlighten me on where I can learn this, it would be helpful, thanks

You have to create a user with non-interactive shell

Hi there, it is kind of denying user access and assigning a non interactive have to add -s /sbin/nologin at the end of your command.The full command is
sudo adduser ravi -s /sbin/nologin. I am new to linux as well and still learning the things from the community.You will find other people are facing the same issue as you with their tasks, so search in the will be able to find out the solution or someone will be able to help you out.Thanks.


Hi nidhin, thank you for helping me out, will add that command the next time i get the task, seems like there’s no way I can retry the same task again

Hi Sachin, i guess you will get the same task in the future.Also, my advice is before you attempt the task, search for same task in the community.look for what others has done, how their tasks failed.look for other people responses and try to take notes.Search on google as well.In this way, you will get an idea of what you are trying to do.This is how i approach each task, as I am new to linux and still learning new things.Hope it helps.