Linux String Substitute (sed) permissions error

Hi team,

I have an error with the task Linux String Substitute (sed)

I didn’t find a better solution than to create a review of the issue KodeKloud - Engineer
As you can see, home folder doesn’t have BSD_REPLACE.txt file
Similarly, I wasn’t able to create files into any folders. Please take a look at my other attempts.

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Hi @Mike-Palii ,
Please mark the task to review and share the link here


Hi @mmkmou_KodeKloud I’ve already shared it in my first message. KodeKloud - Engineer

HI @Mike-Palii ,
So sorry for the late response, we appreciate your patience, based on the review task, the issue is on the redirect permission. To fix it, you have two options :

sudo sh -c "sed '/code/d' /home/BSD.txt > /home/BSD_DELETE.txt"

or connect to as root directly

sudo -s
sed '/code/d' /home/BSD.txt > /home/BSD_DELETE.txt