Linux String Substitute issue

I have told to replace the word Text with the Submarine in /root/nautilus.xml file . I have done it using this command below

[[email protected] ~]# sudo sed -i ‘s/Text/Submarine/g’ nautilus.xml

Verified it using this command .
[[email protected] ~]# cat nautilus.xml | grep “Text”

But Task is marked as Failed .

Hi @pkulkarn

Just reviewed your original answer and found that while running sed command you had a typo. You replaced Text with Submatine instead of Submarine. Hence your answer was marked as failed.

Hi @Inderpreet,

Thanks for feedback.

I have been asked to Replace all occurrences of the string Text to Architecture on the XML file /root/nautilus.xml.

Can anyone please tell me what is wrong with the below command?

sed -i ‘s/Text/Architecture/gI’ nautilus.xml (I was already inside /root directory)

The extra option I used was ‘I’ to match all cases of word ‘Text’. Is there anything wrong in this?