Linux string substitute checked wrongly

I have done the linux string substitute correctly , for deletion part it has asked to delete distribution word only which i have deleted , i guess it is expecting redistribution word also which is a different word than distribution


You must read the question carefully, in which the jobs is to delete the line containning the word and not only the word.

Hi @spratap

Yea you need to make sure to delete the whole line containing the word. However we recently made some changes in this question and I think your answer should be reconsidered. I am marking your task as Pending again and you can give it an another try.

@Inderpreet thanks for the retry , i did it correctly but still the failure.
Please take a look i replace all the with them and grep -w the BSD_REPLACE.txt is giving null


Seems like you did it while there was some maintenance going on so it failed again for you, marking it Success for you.

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