Linux SSH Authentication Not Passed

Hi there,

I have completed the task and verified user ‘thor’ is able SSH into 3 app servers without password after setting up SSH key authentication. But I get the task failed. Please have a look.

I could not take the screenshots, as the environment expired.

you have to take app server sudoers user instead of thor user. Like app1 server sudo user is tony.
hope you understood.

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Thanks for your reply. The question is ambiguous and could have been clearer. Would there be an opportunity to discuss about the completed tasks ?.


I ran to a similar issue, please advise once you get a moment
question: we need to make sure thor user on jump host has password
less SSH access to all app servers through their respective sudo users. So based on the requirements:

Setup a passwordless authentication for user thor on jump host to all app servers through
their respective sudo users.



I did exactly the same and still getting failed message !! .

perhaps @Inderpreet can shine some light on this topic

how did you install the public key to all app servers from thor user on jumphost ?

@Ali you don’t need to use sudo that means you are behaving like root. If you wants to see what is difference b/w sudo or normal user do one thing.
try it :–
before try this login from sudo user like thor.
sudo whoami
thats why your task is failed.
In the task, ssh passwordless authentication from thor user, sudo user of jump host.
to app server sudo user is tony, steve, & banner. so you have to try like :–
ssh-key-gen -t rsa
ssh-copy-id [email protected]
after that copy, you can be able to login without password. If still facing permission denied issue, You have to move into ssh configuration file and change configuration of password authentication of target host system.
ssh [email protected]
Hope you will get my points.


Yea, I figured it out when @peterwhite pointed i used sudo… I made a mistake, I knew it right that second. Thanks for you quick inputs guys, really appreciate it