Linux ssh authentication failed

Hi Guys,
I can login to stapp02 and Stapp03 server with thor user without password. But still the task has been failed. Can you please look into it?

there is a problem you have to login through default user of server 2 and 3 which are steve and banner while you login through [email protected] indtead of [email protected] i thought i is mention in the questions

ghori83 is right, we have to assign a passwordless login for given user.

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I think in the question it was mentioned as that I have to login through Thor user to the app servers. My solution was correct for the STAPP01 only issues with STAPP02 and STAPP03,

I didnt take screenshot of the question though.


This is what question states:

Setup a passwordless authentication for user thor on jump host to all app servers through their respective sudo users.

Thanks @Inderpreet for the explanation