Linux Services postfix

Install of all web apps postfix enabled, but won’t start service!
anyone resolve this problem?

Below steps will work .

yum install postfix -y

vi /etc/postfix/

myhostname = smtp.example.local

mydomain = example.local

myorigin = $mydomain

inet_interfaces = all

inet_protocols = all

mydestination = $myhostname, localhost.$mydomain, localhost,

mynetworks =,

systemctl enable postfix && service postfix start && service postfix status

systemctl list-unit-files | grep enabled


Tried but not working. Do we need to change example.local?

For troubleshooting/solution video please refer to

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Why you posting solution @Inderpreet @Tej-Singh-Rana support team please check this

Below confis to be made for solution

Postfix /etc/postfix/

  • Myhostname =
  • My domain =
  • (Uncomment)Myorigin =
  • inet_interfaces = all
  • #inet_interfaces = localhost
  • 1st line #mydestination
    • 2nd line uncomment
  • my networks =,
  • Second line home_mailbox(uncomment)

Create user / set passed



Protocols (uncomment)

Save and exit


Uncomment 1st line mail_location = maildirxxxx


  • Uncomment disable _plaintext_auth
  • Auth_mechanism = plain login


  • Uncomment line 90
    Mode = 0666
    User = postfix
    Group = postfix

Hi, I have been getting stuck severally with this login password error. What could have gone wrong [root@stmail01 groot]# telnet stmail01 110 Trying Connected to stmail01. Escape character is '^]'. +OK Dovecot ready. user anita +OK pass dCV3szSGNA -ERR [AUTH] Authentication failed.?

did anyone manage to find out why we get this error ?

Thank you @hardiku87

Your explanation helped a lot to this desperate soul :sweat_smile: