Linux scp question caleston-code.tar.gz file is not present

caleston-code.tar.gz file is not present in question of scp in ssh topic.

please resolve ,iam waiting

Please mention the lab title and number of the question so that I can help you properly

question :- Finally, copy the file /home/bob/caleston-code.tar.gz from Bob’s laptop to the server devapp01

Copy the file to Bob’s home directory.

Lab Title- SSH and SCP

iam waiting for your response.

Thanks for reporting, we will fix it but for now, you can pass it as below:


@anu we have fixed the lab. . /home/bob/caleston-code.tar.gz is present now

I solve the problem by giving full access to the file to bob and it worked

i am still having issues moving file or copying file… Error is : caleston-code.tar.gz’: No such file or directory

Hi @renzo20221971,
Just testing, and it’s working fine, can you please provide us any screenshot or full error message then we can check what’s happen


Hi @mmkmou will definitely take that lab again later on. Will keep you posted. Thanks for the follow up

error is not occurring. Thanks

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