Linux Resource Limits task failed

Not sure what went wrong but my task for setting soft and hard limits failed.
I did sudo to nfsuser as well and checked the limits.
Can someone suggest whats wrong here?

@Ayman can you please review and suggest


Below steps worked for me.

Setting nproc hard/soft limits permanently- We have to edit in below file.

vi /etc/security/limits.conf

nfsuser soft nproc 79
nfsuser hard nproc 91

to validate after add

cat /etc/security/limits.conf | grep nproc | grep -v ^#


su - nfsuser

ulimit -u -S
ulimit -u -H

Thanks @selvag, i did same steps and my results look fine too. Not sure why its still failed which i am trying to understand.

How could one set this correctly. Is @ before user necessary. I mean, RHEL document doesn’t say so.

Sorry @ram.paramhansa but I am unable to get what you are trying to convey in the message.

@smartclick what is your KKE username ?

Hi @Inderpreet, Its smartclick.

@smartclick These are the limits you set


and this is error for your task
- Maximum process hard limit is not '90' on Storage Server

Which means you were asked to set the hard limit to 90 not 100

I did, but then I changed and relogin and saw the change on user profile.
Screenshot is in first post. @Inderpreet

@smartclick whatever answer is recorded before clicking on the Finish button that is considered as the final answer. So even if you fix the issues later those won’t be considered.