Linux Process Troubleshooting - Failed Incorrectly

I was assigned Linux Process Troubleshooting, which I, unfortunately, was marked as failed although I verified the successful completion of the task.

Only in stapp01 the Apache was not running. When I tried to start it up, it failed due to address already in use error. By using, netstat -anp, I could see sendmail process was bound to the same port 8081. I killed sendmail process and started the httpd process successfully.

As a verification step, I did a CURL and found it was working although an HTTP 403 was being returned. I noticed there was no index.html present and directory listing is prohibited (Therefore HTTP403 is expected). Hence I manually created an HTML file in /var/www/html directory. I repeated creating index.html in all 3 appserver hosts. Verified CURL from Jump Host (screenshot attached).

Still I was marked as failed. This is the 2nd task, which was marked as failed (see my other post) even though all steps were completed as per the question.

I suspect the verification process is looking for a specific text in the returned HTML page (such as the word Apache). Since I fixed the HTTP 403 page, the default Apache error page was not being returned. Perhaps this caused the task to be marked as failed? Please advise.

p.s: By the way, I’m certain that I completed this exact same task couple of weeks ago. Today I got assigned the same task.


@phantomsg, as per question, you were not asked to create index.html file in any of App Servers, thats why your validation failed.

I created index.html because the Apache Servers were returning HTTP 403 (Forbidden) by default. The last task with Linux Firewalld Task failed because the Apache was not properly configured even though the question was not asking to fix that (See my other post related to this). Hence, I wanted to make sure the server returns a valid response by just putting a index.html so that a HTTP 200 is returned instead of HTTP 403.

The validation here is not proper and should stick to what the question is expecting -

Identify the faulty app host and fix the issue. Make sure Apache service is up and running on all app hosts. Also, do not try to change the Apache port on any host.

@rahul456, After your confirmation, I reattempted the task (after losing points though), and this time I left the servers as it is in the current state (Returning HTTP403 Forbidden). As expected, the task succeeded. Thanks for your acknowledgment.
I still abide by my statement that Task Verification is incorrect for this question. It would be a good idea to either reword the question or fix the verification.