Linux Postfix Troubleshooting - solution isn't working?

I ssh’d into the [email protected] server, and I changed the main.conf file in /etc/postfix/ as well as changing the /etc/hosts file (commenting out the ::1 line) but neither worked.

For main.conf I changed inet_interfaces and made it =

None of this worked. After doing this, I also did sudo postfix reload, and postfix stop and postfix start… but the problem persists.

No you have to comment out or delete the line it says inet_interfaces = localhost
it must be left only the first line , inet_interfaces = all so you can receive mail on all network interfaces

Thank you very much, this ended up working.

Yes, that is correct.The error message “postfix: fatal: parameter inet_interfaces: no local interface found for ::1” is indicating that the postfix service is configured to listen on the loopback interface (localhost) only and it is unable to find a local interface for the IP address ::1.

By commenting out or deleting the line “inet_interfaces = localhost” and leaving only the first line “inet_interfaces = all”, postfix will be configured to listen on all available network interfaces, including the loopback interface. This will allow postfix to receive mail on all network interfaces.

It’s always recommended to backup the file before making any changes. And after making the changes, you should restart the postfix service by running the command “systemctl restart postfix” or “service postfix restart” to apply the changes.

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