Linux NTP Setup

Hi KodeKloud community
I got issues with env (no apt, dpkg)

I have checked PATH, everything on place.
Can support recreate the task, please

email id: [email protected]

Much appreciated.

hi @sonofthemom, please use yum instead of apt.

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Thanks, @rahul456

That looks weird for me, since

But thanks a lot =)

For troubleshooting/solution video refer below. These videos are made just to help the community!

I think that i did right.
What i did:
ssh <some username>@<some app server>
some appserver (some user) # sudo su -l root
some appserver (root) # yum install chrony
some appserver (root) # vi /etc/chrony.conf

and add
# server <default pool>
# server <default pool>

some appserver (root) # systemd enable chronyd
Check please.
P.S. I know that i could did that:
some appserver (root) # yum install ntp
Thank you.

Hi @denis

I think the task was to configure ntp using native ntp package/config, hence it might have failed for you.

Weird thing here. I installed NTP on App Server 2 and added the ntp server on its /etc/ntp.conf.

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I just completed the task and I am having the same issue. Even though I edited the /etc/ntp.conf file, I got the same error as @Marc-Samuel-Pabilona

make sure in the /etc/ntp.conf file type server first

server prefer