Hi Kodekloud Team,

For the Linux Network Services task , firstly I had configured the ServerName as localhost on httpd.conf file and when I was not able to start the apache, then I found sendEmail process was running on 3001 port. After killing the process, I was able to start the apache.

Since I was not able to start the apache process because another process was running on 3001 port, it means when I killed the process and started the apache, it should have been started in 3001 port only.

Please correct me if I am wrong.

PS: I enjoyed working on this task :blush: Thanks so much for this engaging platform for learning.

Yes In my opinion, it’s possible that the listening address was diffirent, next time you should test it trought jump host or another host to check if it reachable

Ex: in httpd.conf
So it will be listening just on that @.