Linux Firewalld Setup --- Failed

Hi @Inderpreet and @admins,

Could you please check the below 2 screenshot and inform me why it marked as failed?


Thank you.

Sultan Ahmed

@Inderpreet @admins

Same issue with me please let me know the solution:

@Narendra096, i think task is to install firewalld in app server and add ports in the app server.

But in the screenshot you have shared, i see you have added in the Backup Server.

@ahmedkuet, i dont think you need the 2nd rich rules you have added to reject the port 6300.

thats the reason app 1 server is not reachable from LB host, it has blocked the port.

Did you verify trying telnet from LB host to App1?

Thank you @AshokNGowda
I have added the 2nd rule as it asked to block all other sources.
I am not sure why it will block the LB host because of 2nd rule where I explicitly open the port for LB host in 1st rule.
I didnt try to telnet from LB host to app1.

I also did the same for all the app server but got the error message only for app01 server.


When you add the reject rule specifically that takes the high priority so you other rule was ignored. Also regarding error for app server 1 only that happened because when it was tested in sequence form app server 1-3 it failed at app server 1 hence answer was marked failed at that point itself.

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