Linux file permission task failed

Hi @mmumshad
I have given required execute permission for the file but even though it got failed, please review it.

I have also ran the file myself in the lab & got the results, below screenshot shows the details of permissions that the file is having before & after making changes. Please look into this issue as my solution was marked as failed.

Hello @ganna.manoj
Please share it in under the “Review” section. Our community members will see your work and will share their suggestions to you. After that choose the correct suggestion and re-attempt the task.

If possible please share the review link here.

KodeKloud Support

I faced same issues i tried 2 way , one is chmod ugo+x and uo+x , both failed kindly assist


Please try to add read permission to the file also. If it can’t be read, it can’t be execute.
Try this

chmod +rx filename