Linux File Archive Task failed

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I ran tar command with -z but tar file didnt created as compressed, so i zipped it with gzip command. I verified the tar file content with -t and can see directory as well as content, I also moved the file /home directory, still the task failed. Not sure what went wrong.

PS: my 1st snapshot will look confusing as i initially misspelled the file name and removed the same.

@Ayman @kodekloud-support3 Any suggestion what went wrong ?

can anyone suggest what i did wrong ?

@Inderpreet, mate can you please review.

Hello, smartclick
Actually you did mistake in first step. You have to add .gz with it. Like below: -
tar -czvf mariyam.tar.gz mariyam
then you can verify with ‘-t’ flag as you did. Hope you got the point. During the task we have to stick with tar command.

Thanks for your response @Tej-Singh-Rana. So to confirm i understood it correctly, tar -xcvzf create file mariyam.tar was already zipped its just since i didnt gave an extension. Did me executing gunzip on file is zipping a already compressed file?

tar -tvf shows me content fine. Not sure why zipping it with a separate command make difference and fail task, unless above state is correct.

But it will not count in correct way. Right? As per task description, we have to use only tar command not others. So might be validation first approaching to tar command then other command. If we can do with tar command then why we have to look for other commands.
Anyways tag to support team they will give you more feedback on it. May be i am wrong or correct.