Linux Collaborative Directories


Attached is the final output of my task. can you clarify why the task was marked as failed.

Hello, @vseshadris
It’s an incomplete detail. Please share the Review link.

If it’s a validation error then we will mark tasks pending for you. If it’s a user error then you have to accept the suggestion from the comment box which helps you to clear your task.


Hello Tej

I have already marked the task for review and i see it under review. however the video in the review does not give full picture of my work.


Hello, @vseshadris
I checked the screenshot again and noticed that you haven’t set the correct permissions. It should be rwx but I can see in your screenshot it is rws. and you don’t even need to remove the permissions for root user.

I have similar issue but the permission i believe are correctly set as rwx for the sysops folder. The review link is KodeKloud - Engineer
There are some comments but it is not clear why that should be done


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if you read the task you need to giver permission only to the group