Linux challenge 5 a few concerns


  1. Cron task is really confusing. I was sure that 0 0 * * * it’s 12PM and 0 12 * * * it’s 12 AM as we use 24h format time in our country. It would be great if you change the time to avoid such collision

  2. Bash scripts
    Also in bash scripts stop/start containers the only accepted from of shebang is #!/usr/bin/env bash which also a little bit unexpected. Because in other tasks you accept just #!/bin/bash
    You should accept both form, imho

Also as for me the right variant for both scripts is


docker stop/start myapp && echo "..."

As we should print the text only in case the docker command were successful

We use 24h clock in the UK as well. That time is probably chosen to check you can handle the cron format. 0 = midnight, 12 = midday

As for the marking of the bash scripts, I’m not privvy to the marking scripts, but it is preferable to use #!/usr/bin/env bash as env is always in /usr/bin but bash might not be - especially on distros where bash is not included by default and is installed from a package, which could install it to /usr/local/bin