Linux Basic Lecture for beginners

Can someone tell me the difference between -r and -v which is used in copying folders in first lectures and what are these actually? :slight_smile:

for example

cp -v /home/thor/asia /home/thor


cp -r /home/thor/asia /home/thor

Hi umar.butt01,

-v, --verbos : explain what is being done

-R, -r, --recursive : copy directories recursively

Hope this clarifies.


I get the point of -r that it will also copy the sub-directories of that folder into another location, without -r it will only copy the folder, isn’t it?

I still do not get the verbose or -v , can you explain it with any example please so my concept about this can be clear :slight_smile:

cp -v enables verbose mode which displays what’s being copied.

Check the example below :