LInux bash script is failing

Hi Mumshad, inderpreet

Can you please take a look at this issue. I have completed the task yet it failed.

Please see my screenshot attached which has steps and it shows zip file is backedup in storage server. but the task failed reason says – file not found in backup server.

Please help to correct it and provide me points


Hi @pathan.p19

Please note sudo before your zip command


during your testing script asked you sudo user password once and once you entered that manually it didn’t ask for same again when you tested again. But the test script might have stuck where your bash script asked for sudo user (steve) password. I hope it clears your doubt why zip was not created hence sent to the destination.

It’s not convincing. It did not ask me password while running the script. After i created the script i just executed it and it was success… ALso the task fail reason doesnt tell your reason… it says “file is not present in backup folder in backup serveR”

This is where it asked you for sudo password first time


This is asking password for firs time to execute the script and not after that. But the question says while copying files to backup server it should not ask for password… never mentioned in question about the same. Please help to provide points or change the question so we can work again

@pathan.p19 its asking you the password because you have used sudo within your script which isn’t necessary.