Linux Bash Script - Failed

I just completed the Linux Bash Script exercise but it says i failed as the file wasn’t in the location on the backup server but when i queried that location it showed the zip file. Is there a way to redo this exercise?


@Inderpreet Any chance you can check this one for me as to what was wrong with it?

can you share the question ??

@ghori83 Do you mean the question that is the first post? My second was just trying to highlight it.

show anyone first or second

Hi Dave,

Even i have faced the same issue.

@mmumshad , is it a bug?

Hi Guys, sorry for delayed response. In this task you need to make sure your script is able to run without sudo and without asking for any kind of password (sudo or ssh). Also all commands within your script must be ran without sudo. I saw some of the people are doing this mistake with this task.