LFCS Content - LFCS exam vouchers to the first 30 users who win

As it is known, Linux offers the DevOps team the flexibility and scalability needed to create a dynamic development process and there is no better asset for DevOps teams then a Linux OS that supports the process at scale.

Hence, as per our student’s request we are now live with the Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator (LFCS) course.

Check out more details in the course description, click on the link below and get started.
Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator (LFCS) - KodeKloud

The course is free for 60 days from now.
We are also giving away LFCS exam vouchers to the first 30 users who will win the LFCS contest.
For winning the contest, users must pass 3 criteria:

  1. Complete 100% of the Course.
  2. Complete 20 Hours of Lab
  3. Get 100% on all 4 mock exams.

And then submit a typeform to apply for the contest.

Happy Learning!


That’s great. I believe every beginner who is going to start with Linux should take this course. :innocent:

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The mock exams all show coming soon so how is anyone going to complete this?

Hey @mark.j.wilson99 We are not releasing all the mocks instantly to let the students get a good grasp of labs first.
And these will be available soon.
We will release mock 1 in a week’s time. Till then we appreciate your patience.

Team KodeKloud

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I have completed the course and all mock tests and have submitted the typeform, but I have got no mail or any other confirmations. How to confirm I have applied for the contest.

Hello @hariharasankar.k.a,

We have received your submissions.

Note: Winning criteria for LFCS Exam Voucher are listed below:

  1. The course must be completed 100% including all labs
  2. We will check who got the best result in the 1st attempt of all 4 mock exams.
  3. Submit the form ( that is how we will know who wants to participate in the contest)

We will give out 2 exam vouchers each month.


Note - All 4 mocks have been released. Go ahead and submit your results for the LFCS Contest.

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Please refer to some of the issues that I have mentioned with LFCS challenge 1


Don’t worry @faisalbasha1982 , We are working on the mentioned issues. I will update you once it’s implemented in the labs.

KodeKloud Support

I wanted to know if the 60 days free for this LFCS course and the LFCS Contest is from date of sign up for me or from the date of launch of this course/contest to the general public(which I request to be specified if possible)?

My understanding is 60 days count starts from the date of this original post, please confirm.

Yes, so 60 days free is from the Course Launch. So we approximately have 30 more days to go for the Free Course.

Great News for all!!

On our student’s demand, we have extended the LFCS Free Course till 18th July.

You approximately have 1 month more to go through the LFCS course for Free and Apply for the Contest.
Checkout the Contest here: Linux Certified System Administrator Training Course (LFCS) | KodeKloud and go ahead, attempt and apply to win the LFCS Exam Voucher.

19 vouchers remaining.
Hurry up and start with the best Linux Course today!