Learning Path for tasks

Hello all
Well, I am new here and i love the concept. I tried to navigate to multiple pages to find the answer if available before posting but did not find it.
For a new engineer, who wants to learn with doing the tasks, what’s the learning path ? eg, the first thing to learn are the linux administration things, what next ? i mean, learn docker, kubernetes, or ansible or what. perhaps adding a path would be helpful.
I do not know which traning should i do first or what i should learn first.

It’s a beginner path. It will cover basics and concepts of real world scenario as well. Best of luck.


+1 what @Tej-Singh-Rana stated.

More specifically, the technologies you stated are more likely to appear in the DevOps track’s tasks but that track hasn’t been released yet. As of the time of this response, only the Linux Systems Administrator track is available, so you’ll only be seeing Linux Systems Administration type tasks…