Labs tasks' status are not reflected upon completion

I signed up for “Docker for Absolute Beginners” and I completed the course material with just 1 lab session left(Docker compose). However for the completed lab tasks, I’m not seeing the statuses reported
correctly. Those lab tasks are still showing up as thought they were never attempted. I see the start button on the right side for each of these lab tasks and so my course completion percentage is not closer to 100%. I made sure to complete each lab and submit the ratings. I attended a few labs twice just to make sure if the problem persists or not and sadly it did. Could you please look into it?
I would like to have a course completion certificate for the ones I finish.


Hi @sudarshannc

To solve the problem clear your browser cache and login to your account again so the percentage will be reflected.

Thanks. “Complete this course and continue” option did it. I didn’t notice that earlier.