Labs not working

I can’t see the questions on the right side!! I have removed the cookies and change browser, but the issue still appears.

Ansible course.

Hello, zeid
Are you still facing the issue?

Yes still same …

Can you specify which labs number?

all labs in Ansible Certification Preparation Course

But i can access facts lab. Try now.

Same issue to me on Facts Lab.
I am able to view the terminal but questions on right side not shown

Its working now, Thank you.

I think it’s a temporary issue.

the problem back … I don’t know how to solve it !!

I logged in from another PC and its work.
its seems there is wrong settings from my side … would you please suggest how to solve it.

Can you provide more information about the issue when you check on your machine?

Which browser are you using?

Is the network stable?

How does it compare with the machine where its working?

Which browser are you using?

Is the network stable?
Yes… I tried same lab on same network from another PC and it work.