[ Labs - IP's and PORT's - 1st excercise ] - Apache folder is not available.Cannot manually untar the package

Based on the steps provided in the labs 1st excercise, I cannot find the APACHE folder. But the apache TAR file is available. I tried to UNTAR it based on previous sessions and labs, But im facing the following issue.

Is this a bug or am i missing something ?

sudo tar -xvzf apache-tomcat-8.2.23.tar.gz
actually you forgot to use z --> gz. For more you can see man tar or tar --help

Thanks for reporting @sparkeplug , We will fix that and keep you updated.

We are sorry for any inconvenience.

Hi @sparkeplug


Even i had observed the same issue . Not sure how we are even able to download the v8.5.53 version . As it is not present on official website of tomcat . But to proceed further with labs i downloaded the latest v8.5.55 from official site and now able to unzip it

Just to note from first image . Looks like they have removed the older version v8.5.53