Lab - Working with Shell - II fails

I created a file file_wth_data.txt in /home/bob with the text “a file in my directory”.
But the task fails and says “/home/bob/file_wth_data.txt does not have the data”
Please let me know what I am missing here.

Don’t use echo as it says make use of redirect operator so…rather do like below…
file in my directory…
.then save it and check whether its accepting the solution or not…
Hope it works for you…

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Thanks. In Hint, they used echo command only, but this time I used the complete path /home/bob/ and I was successful.

@selan n
The approach you used should work too. I think you were missing the string “home” in the text.

a file in my home directory

@vijin.palazhi, I just noticed that. thanks :slight_smile: