Lab : Terraform Commands Question 6

Hi Team,

I am unable to understand the fault in this question. when I run the terraform plan for second time it succeeds.

Can you please help me to understand below part.
The error in the configuration is inside the resource block for the tls_private_key type resource.
It contains the configuration that we needed for generating rsa type key…


Hi @viswanath.sanjeev,

Can you please provide us the link to the labs ?


Hi @viswanath.sanjeev ,

When you check on the resource block tls_private_key we can see that you’ve instruction about ecdsa_curve but it’s a RSA block. You just need to remove it and test the apply


It doesn’t working!

Look at the Terraform plan that fails when you simply comment out the line:

~ ecdsa_curve                   = "P384" -> "P224" # forces replacement

As you can see it is still trying to set a value for ecdsa_curve. Try setting the value to null