Lab - Switching and Routing Question

Hello KodeKloud,

Question 8
Assign a new IP address to jump host with same network range which app03 and app04 are using.

I assigned the new address sudo ip addr add dev eth0 and it worked fine.

But my question is how can eth0 have two IP addresses?
Correct me if I am wrong. I am trying to understand here.

Can eth0 device have multiple IP adresses? or is it only one ethernet device can have only one IP?Could you explain


Hi @chittibabu.dmrl,

You can add multiple IP addresses to the eth0 device but it is not recommended to have multiple IP addresses on a single network adapter to avoid the bottlenecks.

Thanks for the response.

So IP addresses are mapped to the Network interface Card (or Network Adapter).
From your response I understand that it is advisable to have ONE IP for ONE NIC to avoid bottlenecks on the NIC.

Since this jump host has two interfaces or has two IP’s of different networks, can this act as a router if IP forwarding is enabled on this jump host?