Lab requirements

unable to deploy virtual box with sufficient resources in my own lab. Is a lab provided ?

Hello @ranmad94,
Yes, you can access the labs environment to practice your lessons.

Same here, @ranmad94 . I used to run Virtual Box on my Mac for years, no problem. Running CentOS, FreeBSD, Kali, Mint, etc…, tinkering around, linking them up. Suddenly, after updating to Mac OS 12.2.1 Monterey & VB, I cannot run ANY VMs. I’ve gone through several steps to get VB VMs to work again, but to no avail. VERY disappointed in Apple’s hardening of the Mac OS to the point you can’t play around with VMs very easily anymore :unamused:

On the other hand, SO glad I discovered KodeKloud! The web interface for the labs is pretty good. Occasionally I have trouble with it, but overall it’s been a pretty positive experience.