Lab: Remote Repositories; Unable to enter password while trying to push the local changes to remote repo


I’m not knowing why its not taking any input in the password section when trying to push changes from local to remote repo. Could you please look into this as I’m unable to progress further in the lab session.

Hi @reddy.rithvikm

Can you please share us the lab link then we can check the issue, also a screenshot will be helpful?


Hi @mmkmou_KodeKloud ,

Here is the link GIT for Beginners | KodeKloud

Please find the screenshot attached for your reference

Hi @reddy.rithvikm,
When you enter a password in Linux, the password prompt remains empty or doesn’t show any characters while you are typing for security reasons.
This behavior is intentional and is designed to prevent anyone from visually capturing or guessing your password based on the characters displayed on the screen.

So please type the password correctly or be careful while copying/pasting.