Lab: Packet filtering, static routes and time synchronization [HELP]


Please check questions 13 and 14 in the link attached as they may contain errors. I have also attached the relevant screenshots for your convenience. Thank you.

Q13: chronyd cannot start, although it’s enabled. systemctl status chronyd.service and journal -xe both have outputs like: "permission denied’’, even though sudo is used upon starting the process. Also, NTP cannot be set to ‘true’ even with sudo.

Q14: I guess RTC cannot be set due to the above issue?

Lab link:

Hi @meletiop

I’ve just been right through the lab and it is all working fine. Did you install chrony correctly?

sudo yum install chrony -y

Last question may not work if you did not successfully complete 13.

Note that some questions may rely on successful completion of earlier questions


I am still facing the exact same issues. The service is properly installed (chronyd), but cannot start. The same is true for NTP.

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As mentioned on the other thread, I’m getting it confirmed that Udemy course and KK course use the same version of the lab.

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Hello, everything is okay now. No issues detected. Thank you.

Thanks for the confirmation @meletiop.

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