Lab: multiple provider

Hi Team,

Thank you for the excellent terraform course . Excellent content

while doing terraform lab for multiple providers receiving below error after running terraform plan command, your help is highly appreciated.

Error: configuring Terraform AWS Provider: error validating provider credentials: error calling sts:GetCallerIdentity: operation error STS: GetCallerIdentity, https response error StatusCode: 403, RequestID: 2a505dc2-6bb5-48cd-8550-7108f6e37379, api error InvalidClientTokenId: The security token included in the request is invalid.

Hi @kranthi.nagisetty,
Glad, you liked the course. :+1:

Have you got a chance to refer to the hint/solution section?

Thank you @Tej-Singh-Rana for your reply.

Now it looks I can able to complete the task