Lab: Jenkins CLI

this is question no 10 :
Now add this public key (/home/mike/.ssh/ in Jenkins for the user called mike . This will allow us to interact with Jenkins using the CLI.

My problem is:

I am going to configure in people section and adding the key. but I am getting message like this .
First picture when i am saving key

second is response

Please reply

Can you try it again? it should be working fine now.

no it is showing same

please confirm the password by typing twice

Hello, @kishlay-raj
According to the shared screenshot, I can see that the length of “Password” and “Confirm Password” are not matching.
So please try a new session and follow the same steps to copy/paste public keys to Jenkins UI without filling anything to the “Password” field.


your problem is with password, your browser automatically write your saved credentials when it finds field with login/password, next time pls be aware and do not save login/password in your browser.

Its good to know, because best practice with DevOps its be good with knowledge of Security (DevSecOps)