Kubernetes redis deployment Part 2 task failed

Hi @Inderpreet, @Tej-Singh-Rana @Ayman,
Please take a look at this. Everything is configured as expected. What am i missing?
I did not even get any error. Just something is missing.

yaml config files

Pod Description

Hello, ASAAC
What is the error message?

Can you share the task details/screenshot?

There was no error. Please see my first screenshot.
It has “uh! oh! Looks…”
That was it.

Unfortunately I did not screenshot it. Just checked the thread on Kubernetes redis deployment. It’s the same

It looks like in the question, Pod should be schedule on master node. Actually i saw in other posts of redis deployment tasks. Maybe it’s a different one.

yes @Tej-Singh-Rana you are right. I missed that.