Kubernetes Redis Deployment-failed


I hope I’v done it correctly, I am not sure why it’s getting filed, please let me know the errors so, that It would be helpful for me to correct it. thanks. please find the attached error.


UserID : [email protected]

Prabhu Jeeva

@Prabhu This seems to be some system glitch as there is no error message displayed, we marked it Success for you.

Hello @Inderpreet
Same glitch here. Have done everything as requested:

Please check it out. Thanks

@Inderpreet @Ayman @kodekloud-support3 please review my work

@Chudo We will mark this Success for you. Can you please us know if you already got your today’s task in your bucket ?

@Inderpreet I havent received it yet. Thanks a lot!

@Chudo what is your KKE username ?

email: [email protected]
username: Chudo

@Chudo done. Also you should have a new task now.

@Inderpreet thanks so much for your fast answer and help


kindly to check my task which was marked as failed;


@ibrahim You do have the required label app=redis for pod but not for deployment. I think as per the requirements mentioned in the question the required label app=redis should also be added to the deployment.