Kubernetes Challenge 1 - UI problem

As of today the exercise section of above challenge renders in dark mode only, without the option to change into light mode. This would default to light mode 2 days ago. Also there used to be a button to change the color scheme for the exercise section that has been removed?

This makes the texts on the picture close to impossible to read for me.

(the bottom at the top only changes the color of the frame, but not of the exercise)

Hi @jan.groth.de,
Can you please record this and share it via the feedback tool?

I don’t think there’s a feedback button for me. Maybe that’s part of the regression problem.

Hi @jan.groth.de,
I got an update from the team. This issue is resolved. Can you please check and let us know?


Oh I hadn’t realized you had passed this on - thanks very much for this!

The task section is now back in light mode & the texts are readable again.

Yeah, I raised this with them. And also, team are monitoring this issue. Let us know if you catch any odd things.