Kodekloud terminal got down when I started the firewalld service during "Linux Firewalld Setup"

So, as I mentioned above the kodekloud task terminal is getting stuck when I start and enable the firewalld service while doing the “Linux Firewall Setup”. Do I have to setup the ssh rules for using the firewall-offline-cmd as the firewall-cmd does not work if the firewalld service is not running, or I am missing anything else ?

I also want to add, I have noticed that the nginx was not really configured as the reverse proxy for apache webserver on the app servers. I have used the curl command on both those ports and they bring different web pages. So do I have to configure nginx as a reverse proxy for apache as well ? In the task, it was mentioned that app servers will already be configured in that way but they were not.

Update: I have tried the firewall-offline-cmd utility to putt the interface in and allowing the ssh service but my terminal is still getting stuck after 5-6 seconds of starting the firewalld service. What could be the issue here ?

Update: I have completed the task and the problem was with the terminal. It keeps getting crashed for no particular reason after I start the firewalld service. The work-around that I did was to open a new terminal window using the + sign present at the top. And then ssh in the app server again and check the firewalld service and list the rules in the public zone which worked perfectly fine for me.

Also, I am still not convinced that the nginx was configured as the reverse proxy for the apache server. But anyways, when I finished the task, it came out as success.