KodeKloud Review Section is just a bunch of Links and Marekting

Hi @mmumshad , @Inderpreet /Team,

I have an annoyance to share for the Reviews Section of KodeKloud Engineer Site.

More than 90 % of the jobs are not being reviewed, but are being used to market a particular Youtube Channel and a Website . I am not sure if its affiliated with KodeKloud, but it kinds of defeats the purpose of reviwing and giving out a feeling of a Senior Dev Reviewing a Junior Dev’s Work and pointing out a perticular step where he made a mistake,

This is not reviewing at all , but more of Answers Section .

If thats the purpose, you might as well, rename the Review Button to “See answer” and keep it simple.

If this was not your original Intent, please do take a look at the reviews section


Hello, @iVaibhav
Thanks for sharing your feedback. We are already working on a feature to block these users.


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Please don’t think we are not reviewing your post.
We may respond late.

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Thanks @Tej-Singh-Rana ,

I think you already took action,or maybe its the post , but today the Review section is whole other story, I do see same people reviewing first and then giving out the youtube and their site link. so there definitely is some improvement

Regards ,