Kodekloud Experience and Rank issue

Hi Team,

There are some issues in the Kodekloud Engineer portal because yesterday I have completed the task successfully and experience has also got updated when I completed the task( i.e Experience I had 23850) but now the same task (completed one )is still showing in an open state and experience get automatically reduced. This happened twice since last week. It seems like somebody is stopping me to reach 25K experience :grinning:

Please have a look, as this should not happen because I spent so much time completing these tasks. if this didn’t happen, I might have already reached to next stage in the Kodekloud engineer platform.

Please have a look at the screenshot where I have already reached to 23850 experience yesterday and completed the task successfully. But today my experience is not same and the same task is also in an open state.

One more completed task removed from tasks list and also experience decreased to 22430 from 23850.
Even same completed task in in open state again. Today and yesterday i have completed the same task twice. Why this is happening and wasting my time?