Kodekloud engineer

This is first time i am interacting with you all. Sorry to ask a very basic question regarding the tasks assigned
I have been assinged a task saying “Linux string substitute” Where should i find the explanations for the task?? I know the command for string substitution but exactly what needs to be done where i can find the guidelines for the tasks?


In question itself you should have detailed information regarding what exactly need to be done and on which servers etc. Further regarding project, infrastructure, servers etc details please check project Wiki, Architecture etc in KKE dashboard.

Please let us know if you still have any confusions.


Yesterday environment was not proper. Today i am able to see the details of task. Thanks alot for your quick response. Today i finished the task. Though i have do correct, the task status is “Failed”. When can i resubmit the failed task??
Below are the details of issue faced:
The task was to replace a string in Backup server. I did ssh to backup server from jump server and applied the command "sed ‘s/old_string/new_string/g’ which was successful but when i opened the xml file all changes were gone and i think changes were applied but not saved. So the task status was shown as failed.
Can you please help me identifying where i went wrong and how to solve this?


Hi Titun,

To insert your changes to the target file you should have used sed with -i option. Otherwise changes wont be written to the file itself. I would recommend to go through different options of sed command for more details.