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Can someone please explain why would a company do the following? What is the benefit? Thank You!

Nautilus production support team and security team had a meeting last month in which they decided to use local yum repositories for maintaining packages needed for their servers. For now they have decided to configure a local yum repo on Nautilus Backup Server. This is one of the pending item from last month so please configure a local yum repository on Nautilus Backup Server as per details given below.

Hi @mscoding7

There are many companies that have a policy on not downloading packages directly from the Internet, as they don’t want people installing whatever they like on corporate systems.

The solution to that is to have internal repos with only allowed software on. These local repos are managed by IT operations teams and populated with packages deemed acceptable by company policy and security teams.

It’s more common than you think!

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I was totally unaware of this, Alistair. Thank you so much!