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I paid for KodeKloud PRO, but I can not login to KodeKloud Engineer Pro with my credentials.
On forum I found information about creation a new account.
Do I need to create this account using the same e-mail, how they will know about the PRO I pad for (there is a place to put some bill number??)

Hi @kubkowskij,
It will check your subscription details from the registered email address.



Thanks a lot for the answer!

I have a similar issue.

I am a KodeKloud Pro subscriber. But my KodeKloud Engineer does not show the PRO status. The primary email in both accounts is the same.
Please help resolve.

Hi @Dewang-Mehta,
Thanks for contacting us. Please check your message box and share the asked details.

KodeKloud Support

Hi, team.

I am having the same issue. I have a PRO account and I would like to reflect this for the KodeKloud Engineer module.

Thank you in advance.

Hi @rackers,
Have you signed up for a KKE site? - https://kodekloud-engineer.com/


Hi, @Tej-Singh-Rana ,

Yes, I have signed up using same email as KK account.

Please check your message box.

This issue is resolved.

I would also like to reflect pro in KK engineer. I just bought KK pro

Hi @paresh,
Can you please message me your registered email address?


Hi @Tej-Singh-Rana ,
I cannot login to KodeKloud Engineer Pro with my credentials. Getting error while login.

hello @ahens000,

Please register an account on KodeKloud Engineer with the same email as your KodeKloud account, they’re separated identities so you can reuse the credential.
Sign up here: https://kodekloud-engineer.com/


Hi @ahens000,
Please follow the steps as suggested by Trung. If you are still facing an issue, then please let me know.


Hi @Tej-Singh-Rana and Team,

I am a Pro user but still I am getting one task per 24 hours. Can you please help me the Kodekloud engineer pro. I am already registered my account at - https://kodekloud-engineer.com/


Hi @Durga-Prasad-Vuyyuru,

Can you inbox me or @Tej-Singh-Rana your KKE account email?
We need this information to check.


Hi @Durga-Prasad-Vuyyuru,
This issue has been resolved.


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I am too a Pro subscriber , and completed the DevOps Architect last year . But my profile is not visible in the Leaderboard . Please let me know the reason

Hello @Tej-Singh-Rana
I’m presenting the same issue with my KK Engineer account not updating to my KK Pro subscription (ie, giving me tasks every 24 hours still) It had previously worked but I just recently resubscribed

Thank you for your assistance!